More Stolen Decker Paintings

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Stolen John Decker Paintings

There are a number of John Decker paintings that are unaccounted for and recorded as stolen at this present time.  These include (1) a large horizontal painting titled “Ghost Town, ” depicting a brownish and white abandoned building, (2) another nicely framed good-sized painting titled “Neighbors,” depicting a man and woman talking outside some row houses at night, (3) a large horizontal landscape painting mostly in colors of green, blue and some white with trees in the foreground, (4) small “miniature” portrait of actor Raymond Massey depicted as Abraham Lincoln, beautiful frame, (5) small “miniature” portrait of Greta Garbo, beautiful frame, and (6) small “miniature” painting of Fanny Brice” as painted as Gainsborough’s “Pinkie,” in beautiful frame.  Also recorded as stolen is a potrait of John Decker created by artist Philip Paval in large frame and a paint pallet of Decker’s.  Others are reported stolen that do not have a title known.  Some additional pictures will be posted soon.   Potential buyers SHOULD NOT purchase these paintings and information about the location of these paintings should be emailed to   Some pictures were taken from the book “Bohemian Rogue: The Life of Hollywood Artist John Decker,” written by Stephen C. Jordan, published by Scarecrow Press.  Here are some of additional findings . . .

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John Decker

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Artist Extraordinaire!

Welcome to the Blog Page on and about artist John Decker (1895-1947).

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